Pilot Registration

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Cornwall Lift-Off 2015, I am pleased to extend a special invitation to you and your crew to join us for the 21th annual Cornwall Lift-Off. You are invited to participate in this international celebration with other balloonists from across Canada and the United States. As our festival’s popularity continues to grow, so does the volume of spectators from Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Northern New York State.

Fiesta Pilots

The Board of Directors will provide Fiesta pilots and their crew with the following:

  • A room for the evenings of July 9th to the 12th. PLEASE NOTE: Charges will apply for additional rooms requested
  • Propane for all scheduled Balloon flights.
  • Pilot “Fun Kits”.
  • Payment of $150.00 CDN for all paying passengers.
  • BBQ’s and other first class social events.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast each morning.

Entry Conditions

To secure a spot in Cornwall Lift-Off 2015, we will require that you fill out our official Pilot’s registration form located at the bottom of this page.

Crew Member Qualifications and Currency Requirements
Balloon pilots operating balloons carrying fare-paying passengers shall:
(a) be at least eighteen years of age;
(b) hold a Balloon Pilot Licence issued by the Minister;
(c) hold a Medical Certificate, Category 1 or 3; and
(d) have accumulated a minimum of 100 hours flight-time in untethered balloons or be the holder of a Canadian Balloon Licence with a valid Flight Instructor Rating – Balloon Category.

Where the pilot-in-command is a foreign licensed pilot operating a foreign registered balloon in accordance with a Special Flight Operations Certificate – Special Aviation Event, the pilot-in-command shall:
(a) be at least eighteen years of age;
(b) have accumulated a minimum of 100 hours flight-time in untethered balloons; and
(c) possess a medical fitness equivalent to that of the ICAO Class 2 Medical Assessment (Canadian Category 3).

Prior to operating a balloon, a pilot must demonstrate within the preceding twelve (12) months, a satisfactory level of knowledge and ability to perform normal and emergency operating procedures on the specific AX class of balloon to be operated.
(4) The holder of a Special Flight Operations Certificate – Balloons shall maintain, for a period of two years, records of when and how

The following list is to be provided with your registration package.

  • A picture of your balloon and a brief pilot bio for promotional purposes.
  • Signed Statement of Responsibility (attached).
  • Your license and validation certificate. US Pilots must provide copies of front & back of license.
  • Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Air Worthiness.
  • Aircraft journey log showing annual inspection.
  • Proof of Insurance supplied by your insurance company (must show duration period of insurance, $1,000,000 liability and $300,000 per passenger).
  • US Pilots must demonstrate proof of adequate insurance to fly fare paying passengers in Canada.
  • Special flight operations certificate to fly paying passengers.

Requirements during the event

  • You must be in attendance for all scheduled meetings, briefings and flights.
  • Pilots must have and use a tie off and a functioning quick release at all times for all flights.
  • Each pilot will provide one flight of two passengers designated as your sponsor flight, to be assigned by the Board of Directors.

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome back all of our past pilots and extend a warm welcome to all our new pilots who will be visiting Cornwall & the Seaway Valley. We promise excitement, challenging flights and top-notch social events, guaranteed to make this festival one of your favourites of the year! Please fill-out our pilot registration form below.”

Soft Landings,

Mary A. Marleau
Festival Vice-Chair
Cornwall Lift-Off
Tel: 613-360-8140