One of the World’s Most Underrated Tourist Destinations – Cornwall Ontario

Situated in Canada, is a small town nestled away from tourists and foreigners; this is Cornwall Ontario, one of the most underrated tourist destinations in all of the world. Loaded with cultural activities, town events and places to see, you almost feel right at home with the friendly people of Canada. So why haven’t you heard of this hidden gem? Canada is filled with destinations and usually tourists choose the city over the smaller towns, but if you do find yourself in the area or you are looking for the thrill of adventure, seek out Cornwall, you won’t be disappointed. Here are a few things for you and the family to do.

Lost Villages Museum

There is nothing better than getting to know a small town’s history, especially if that town is Cornwall. Enjoy a seasonal tour of the 10 most historic buildings in the town. They have been restored and looked after so you can truly appreciate the beauty of these designs. However, if you are out of season you can always admire them from the outside and take a self-tour through the town. Kill travelling time by visiting NetBet, you are in Canada after all!

Lamourex Park

Get lost in the beautiful park and gardens that is Lamourex Park, take your family on a quaint little picnic and enjoy the beauty of nature and Canada combined.

St. Raphael’s Ruins National Historic Site

Being a national historic site, St. Raphael’s Ruins is one destination you don’t want to leave you camera at the hotel for. This beautiful site is located in Glengarry, Ontario and it is one of the earliest Roman Catholic churches in English speaking Canada. Learn about the history behind the building and admire the preserved outer walls that speak volumes for the Roman Catholic history.

Cornwall Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

For the traveller who appreciates the beauty of nature, this trail is one of the most beautiful walks you will ever take. In fact, residents recommend anyone visiting the area to embark on a journey through time and witness the amazing natural surroundings of the Great Lakes from sunrise to sunset.

According to reviews and the people of Cornwall, the scenery is out of this world and makes for amazing backdrops and selfies. It is one of the longest trails as it covers the city’s entire waterfront. The trail offers a 5km detour which is fantastic for visitors staying for a prolonged period of time as there is more to explore.

Enjoy the trail on a bike from which you can rent at anyone of the city’s rental stores, take a brisk walk through a partial piece of the trail or pack your entire family up for a proper Canadian picnic experience.

For a small town, Cornwall Ontario gives big entertainment. Every year the town hosts a series of events which attracts the travelling tourists with all the secrets. Get in on the action and enjoy the hidden gem in Canada.